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Smooth Wall Finish 

There is no secret or magic formula in achieving a smooth wall finish, instead, it takes excellent craftsmanship and extensive experience to accomplish the seamless surface. 

At God of Drywall, we achieve a superior finish through having quality drywall framing and installation along with the great skillset of our finishers. 

Trusted Service 

We are your trusted source for that flawless smooth wall texture for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. As the only drywall company that can do a smooth wall finish in central Oregon, we always strive for perfection in all of our projects whether big or small. Aside from our top-notch finishers, we are proud of excellent customer care through clear communication, transparency, honesty, and attention to detail. 

We have a long and varied list of past clients whose testimonials are our inspiration in continuing to provide quality customer care to the local community of Oregon. 

Benefits of Smooth Wall Finish 

Compared to a textured finish, a smooth wall finish is easier to clean and maintain. The build-up of dust and mildew is also minimal if not present, especially if the seamless texture is regularly wiped and cleaned. 

drywall smooth wall finish

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Smooth wall texture is also a favored finish for high-end or retail establishments because of its modern look and glossy sheen. When you want to update your interior, choosing the smooth drywall finish is an effective way to rejuvenate your old walls. 

Level 5 Drywall Finish Provider 

Our comprehensive service includes a Level 5 finish that is a Gypsum Association designation for a smooth finish with the highest degree of quality. The smooth finish comes with a uniform surface, free of tool marks, ridges, and reduces the likelihood of joint photographing and drywall fasteners showing through the finish. 

Level 5 finish is mostly specified by builders, architects, developers, and property owners who need the highest quality finish. High profile projects, interior retails and commercial establishments, and other areas where there are severe lighting conditions that may reflect or reveal imperfections. If you have a smooth ceiling finish, a level 5 smooth finish is most likely needed. Our service uses a full skim coat by hand and follow proper procedures to accomplish a level 5 drywall finish. 

Uses of Level 5 Drywall Finish

Level 5 Fiinish Drywall

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The level 5 smooth finish is usually specified for high profile projects. Architects, builders, and contractors will specify them on surfaces that will need semi-gloss, gloss, or other non-textured paint finish. In general, the higher the sheen you have, the more visible the shadows are. 

  • When you have artificial lighting directly hitting a large wall. 
  • There are large windows in the room where natural light hits the wall surface. 
  • Long or large wall surface area. 
  • Smooth finished ceilings. 
  • Dark glossy paints will be applied on the wall surface. 
Level 5 Smooth Wall Finish

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As stated, not all projects need level 5 finish, but you can still achieve a smooth surface through level 4, especially if the surface needs to be flat painted, has a light texture, or it is a lightweight wall covering. 

Purpose of Drywall Finishing Levels  

The five levels of drywall finish are based on an industry-wide recommended specification on levels of gypsum board finish. The GA-21-96 serves as a guide when specifying the level of drywall finish that an architect will place in the specification document. With a standardized guide, it prevents any misunderstanding on the degree of finishing required on a particular project. These recommended levels of drywall finish are also used by other concerned professionals such as builders, contractors, and developers for their particular projects. 

5 Drywall Finishing Levels: 

Source: GA-214-96 “Recommended Levels of Gypsum Board Finish”

To better guide you in knowing the specific drywall finish level you might need for your project, we’ve provided the detailed descriptions of each level:  

  • Level 0 – UNFINISHED. For temporary construction and dust walls. 

The drywall is installed, but no finish is applied. Also, no taping, joint cement, and paint is applied. 

  • Level 1 – UNFINISHED. For areas that are hidden away from the public, attics, service corridors, plenums above ceilings and other concealed areas.  

The drywall is taped but with no painting. Drywall joints and interior angles are taped but not embedded. Drywall primer is applied to the mil film thickness according to the primer manufacturer. Tool marks and ridges are visible, but excess compounds are removed. 

Drywall Finishes

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  • Level 2 – UNFINISHED. Suitable for garages, warehouses, and other storage areas. It is recommended when aiming for a low-cost application. 

Similar to Level 1 taping is done and no painting is applied. This time though, the tape is embedded in the compound. Excess compounds are removed using a joint knife, leaving a thin layer of coating over the joints and angles. 1 coat of compound covers the drywall fasteners to conceal the heads and beads. Like Level 1, extra compounds are removed but tool marks and ridges are still present. 

This level may not have a leveled appearance but can conceal defects. 

  • Level 3 – SMOOTH. For areas to receive medium to heavy final paint texture. This application is typically for residential interiors. Not used for smooth, flat, or lightly textured painted surfaces or with light to medium weight wall coverings. 

Similar to Level 2 with an additional coat of compound applied on the joints and angles. 2 coats are used on drywall fasteners. Application of 1 coat drywall primer after taping. Unlike Level 1 and 2, Level 3 does not allow any marks or ridges. The joints should be smooth and applied with CGC first before painting or texturing. 

  • Level 4 – For flat paint, a light final paint texture, or with lightweight wall covering.

This level is not recommended for areas with glossy, semi-gloss, and enamel finish. 

Similar to Level 3 where the tape is embedded in joint compound. There are two separate coats of compound over Level 2 and 3 separate coats of compound over drywall fasteners and accessories. The joints filled and smoothed again and shall be primed with CGC first coat before painting or texturing. 

Level 5 Ceiling

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  • Level 5 – For flat paint, enamel, semi-gloss, and gloss paint in severe lighting.  

Steps in the joint and interior application is similar to Level 4 likewise for the compound covering of the drywall fasteners and accessories. The only difference is that the entire surface has Sheetrock Brand Primer Surfacer or Skim Coat of the compound is ready to prime before gloss or enamel paint is applied.  

This is the most efficient level of drywall application that can reduce the photographing effect of smooth surfaces. 

Ways to Apply Skim Coat for Level 5 Finish 

The most common tool used in applying a skim coat is a taping knife. Apply dabs of mud and then immediately smoothen down the mixture across the surface, then scrape off the excess compound. Another tool that you can use when skim coating is a roller. By using a thick-nap roller, you can roll the joint compound on the wall remove the excess mixture for a clean finish. A sprayer meanwhile, can help you get a uniform and faster application of skim coat. 

Full-Service Smooth Wall Finish Provider

Our complete smooth wall finish services cover smooth, textured, and all other types of wall finishes. Having well-rounded and established artisans in the team, God of Drywall selection of wall finishes either customized or standard. To take care of all of your drywall needs our services also include the following: 

Drywall Install & Repair

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  • Drywall Installation 
  • Drywall Repair and Replacement 
  • Drywall Taping and Texturing
  • Interior Wall Demolition
  • Upgrade, Installation or Removal of Insulation 
  • Spray Applied and Hand Trowel Textures
  • Drywall Hanging and Finishing 
  • Drywall Cleaning
  • Drywall Framing Costs 
  • Drywall Permits 

Textured Surface to Smooth Finish

If you are wondering if it is possible to transform your textured wall to a smooth finish, the answer is yes you can! The main process of skim coating will be used to even out your surface. The joint compound is spread through the surface as evenly as possible to fill in the crevices and bumps from the textured surface. 

Cost of Level 5 Drywall Finish 

The price you pay for drywall depends on how much will be covered, the level of finish, and your location. Typically, the cost is priced per square foot which includes the labor cost, materials, and fee depending on the type of finish you choose. You can get a free estimate from our specialists either through site visitation or phone. Our experts will first assess your preferences and actual area and conditions of the drywall. Once we have computed the cost, we will send you the free quote either by phone or via email. We only provide transparent and honest calculations with no hidden charging. 


In pursuit of a smooth drywall finish for your home or place of business, you will need professional service that has the experience and reputable resources to help you out in attaining valuable aesthetics for your property. With our established drywall installation and maintenance services, not only do you get highly skilled professionals, we provide prompt service that keeps projects right on schedule. We offer a competitive rate and discounts when getting our bundled drywall services.